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This all started with a box of 45s at the Capitol Records swap meets many years ago. One thing led to another and there you go, I'm in business. We were known as "Jukebox Japan". We've been importing music related products from Japan since 1980. That was the vinyl era and we specialized in picture sleeve 45s and LPs. That has all changed, though we continue to seek out LPs from Japan, if and when they are pressed. The Beatles catalog and 20 Blue Note LPs are recent releases that we stock.

Japan releases a very large number of different titles in all genres. Jazz, vocals, classical, you name it, if it's in print in Japan, we can get if for you. Also, we get a number of different music related magazines like Burrn!, Young Guitar, Swing Journal, Stereo Sound, etc. These publications are cherished by fans for their great color photos and occasional discographies and the like.

We are also the main importer of resealable outer sleeves and non-static inner sleeves. Our LP size resealable is specially made for us and at 5 microns thick, is heavier than the usual. We also stock the resealable sleeve for the currently popular "mini-LP" cardboard CD that is so collectible. Also, if you need replacement inner sleeves for these discs, we stock two different types of these sleeves. Look at the website for a complete listing of all sleeves.

Thanks a lot for looking.

Our telephone number is 323.857.5701. We can be reached M~F, 10am ~ 6pm, PST.

Wes Oishi

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